If your furnace or fireplace needs service, Bohn Heating is happy to help.

We have been servicing furnaces and heaters for almost 50 years.  We service all makes and models of furnaces, heaters and wall heaters, fireplaces and fireplace inserts.  Our technicians are union trained and come to us with five years of education in service, installation and diagnostics.

Furnace Service

For your furnace, our technicians will:

  • clean or change your furnace filter (electronic filters excluded),
  • inspect the furnace heat exchanger and flue for potential carbon monoxide leakage;
  • and perform a limited inspection of the thermostat, and a limited inspection of the ducting for potential leaks.

Give us a call to schedule your yearly service.

We will then send you an annual reminder each year so that you won’t miss this important safety service.

*In the heating industry, it is recommended that any gas appliance have a yearly service and safety inspection.